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Affordable family fun. Exciting and lasting results.
Throughout Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota, we participate in several art shows, fairs and festivals, community events and private parties all through the year. Our artists can be booked for special parties, birthdays, weddings, sporting events, waterparks, auto shows or almost any other event you can imagine. In some cases, we charge a low fee for each airbrush customer, but many community and private events also pay our fee, which allows all of the customers to get airbrushed for free.
We use our own stencil products exclusively at all of our events, and provide a great variety of choices for our customers. We also use a unique airbrush paint which was designed for specifically for waterparks, and can be enjoyed for several days with proper care. Our professional booth setup is great for either indoor or outdoor events.
Click the button below and send us information about your event, and we would be happy to provide you with a quote.
At, we have been creating long-lasting, reusable, professional quality stencils for a long time. Our staff is constantly designing new stencils, and we even do custom stencils based on your specific requirements. Not only do we guarantee the quality of our products...we use them  ourselves at many events. 
Whether you are a skilled professional decorator, or part-time crafter, stencils can dramatically change the appearance of your project. They are simple to use, easy to clean up, and can be used again and again. Stencils are a great way to add a decorative touch to just about anything! 
Our stencils are cut from the highest quality materials that will stand up to repeated use. Many of our customers use our stencils on a daily basis for home and furniture decorating, woodworking, fabrics, crafts, airbrush tattoos…even cake decorating! We know you will be pleased with our products.
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